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Alya Pearls

Alya's - Camellia Earrings

Alya's - Camellia Earrings

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Our lovingly handcrafted Baroque pearl accessories are more than just jewelry; they're a touch of joy and a beacon of delight for your collection.


  • 5A-grade Pearls
  • Size: 7-8mm
  • Other: 925 Silver Pin

Influenced by the delicate form of the camellia, these stud earrings feature pearls nestled within petals of silver and gold, capturing the flower's blend of simple purity and complex beauty, making each piece a timeless emblem of nature's artistry.


  • Unique Creation: Embrace the uniqueness of each pearl, with its own hues and shapes. Handcrafting requires 2-3 days, as we carefully select the finest pearls for your piece.
  • Timeless Individuality: While we ensure high quality, identical matches to images are not guaranteed. Please allow us the time to meticulously select the best for your bespoke jewelry.

Care Instructions:

  • Lasting Splendor: Protect your pearls from chemicals, water, and sunlight.
  • Delicate Cleaning: A soft cloth and mild soap will keep them shining.
  • Vigilant Care: Regular checks of clasps and coils will ensure enduring beauty.


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