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Alya Pearls

Alya's - Bar Shaped Pearl Necklace

Alya's - Bar Shaped Pearl Necklace

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Our lovingly handcrafted Baroque pearl accessories are more than just jewelry; they're a touch of joy and a beacon of delight for your collection.


  • 5A grade pearls
  • Bar Shaped Pearl
  • Length: 35.8cm
  • Other: 925 Silver

This necklace, with its unique interplay of silver fragments and elongated pearls, crafts a statement of modern artistry, reflecting a fusion of raw metallic textures with the soft iridescence of pearls for a boldly unconventional aesthetic.


    • Unique Creation: Embrace the uniqueness of each pearl, with its own hues and shapes. Handcrafting requires 2-3 days, as we carefully select the finest pearls for your piece.
    • Timeless Individuality: While we ensure high quality, identical matches to images are not guaranteed. Please allow us the time to meticulously select the best for your bespoke jewelry.

    Care Instructions:

    • Lasting Splendor: Protect your pearls from chemicals, water, and sunlight.
    • Delicate Cleaning: A soft cloth and mild soap will keep them shining.
    • Vigilant Care: Regular checks of clasps and coils will ensure enduring beauty.


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