"VIVACE" - The Pearl Revolution

"VIVACE" - The Pearl Revolution

When I disembarked from my journey and returned to New Zealand, spring had given way to the passage of time. It reminded me of the poignant words of the renowned Chinese poet Li Bai, who yearned to suspend a long rope in the azure sky, anchoring the westward flight of the sun. Like Li Bai, I too felt the fleeting nature of spring and the ever-escaping grasp of time.

Fuelled by my passion for vivacity and the desire to infuse life with energy, I founded Vivace. Derived from the Latin word root "viv-" meaning alive, Vivace represents the essence of our brand. Just as pearls, the only gems born through the involvement of living beings, embody the beauty of life, I envision our lives to resonate with the vivace rhythm. It is a celebration of spirited vitality, encapsulating the essence of our existence.

Every pearl in the VIVACE collection at Margaret Jewelry is produced using a new grafting technique that we have developed. This technique results in thicker nacre layers, which means that our pearls emit more luster for a longer period of time. Furthermore, this technique is less harmful to the freshwater mussels, reducing the damage caused to them during the pearl production process. Additionally, our new technology generates less waste during the production process, reducing its impact on the environment.

Our technology is at the forefront of freshwater pearl production worldwide, producing pearls with a brilliance and roundness that rivals that of collectible jewelry. At Margaret Jewelry, we are proud to offer our customers high-quality products at affordable prices. With VIVACE, you can buy the best quality pearls while minimizing your impact on the environment.

Try VIVACE today and experience the beauty of life in every pearl.


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