Margaret Jewelry

Margaret Jewelry

Maggie here, a Chinese designer and the owner of Margaret Jewelry and its brand Vivace. Our family has been cultivating pearls since the 1960s, and I personally own a small pearl farm.

In 2019, I lived in New Zealand for three years, a beautiful country where everything feels natural. I spent most of my time in Nelson and Riwaka, a small town adjacent to the Abel Tasman National Park. I admire the local people's way of life - they live with a focus on nature and the ocean. For example, they carefully sort their trash for recycling, and they use public transportation and bicycles instead of cars whenever possible.

After returning to China, I became aware of the negative impact of pearl farming on natural water bodies, causing pollution and nutrient enrichment in local water, which often turned yellow and black. We worked with local environmental organizations to assess the over-farming of pearl oysters, and we have been committed to changing this situation. We installed purification systems in our farms and reduced the number of oysters per unit area. Although it was costly, the improved water quality resulted in a higher quality of pearls, which is a win-win for both people and nature.

In addition to our commitment to environmental protection, we are proud to help locals by providing over 50 job opportunities and assisting those who have been affected by pollution. Our brand believes that corporate social responsibility is an essential part of our business, and we are dedicated to supporting the local community. We have hired and trained locals to become skilled workers in our farms, and we provide a safe and healthy working environment for them.

Our commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility has not only helped us to produce high-quality pearls but also to create a sustainable and ethical business model that benefits everyone involved. We believe that it is possible to have a successful business while also protecting the environment and supporting the local community.

Also,as a designer, I gained inspiration from my travels and learned from the diverse cultures of the Asia-Pacific region. I visited antique shops and met with local artists in every town, and I integrated what I learned from nature into my pearl designs. Vivace, which comes from the Latin word "viv," meaning "alive," represents our belief that pearls are the only jewelry that require life to create, and we hope our brand and our lives are as vibrant and lively as vivace.

At the ends, may our commitment to protecting the environment and supporting the community inspire others to create a sustainable future. Let our lives be as vibrant and lively as vivace, and may we all live in harmony with nature, creating a world full of vitality and beauty.

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